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Meet Monique


National Sales Director
Monique Balboa
Colorado Springs, Colorado

  1. Monique is the proud mom of three beautiful grown daughters, Whitney, Stephanie, & Erin and is married to an amazing husband, Robert Balboa. Together they have 8 grandchildren

  2. She is one of 9 children and has two sisters also doing Mary Kay… Sales Director Renee Rodbell from Crownsville, Maryland and SNSD, Lise Clark, who passed away in August of 2013.  Together, Lise and Monique made company history by becoming the first-ever “Sister Nationals” in the company’s history…what an honor!
  3. Monique joined Mary Kay October 30, 1986 and was a Star Consultant for 70 quarters before debuting as a National Sales Director!

  4. She earned her 1st company car within the first 4 months in Mary Kay.

  5. Her debut as a Director was June 1, 1987 just seven months after she began her career in Mary Kay.

  6. Monique earned 2 more cars her first year in Mary Kay, one being a Pink Cadillac and has been driving PINK since her 9th month in Mary Kay!

  7. She has been in the National Queen’s Court of Recruiting 4 times and was in the Top 10 all 4 times.

  8. Her Unit has been in the Circle of Achievement 4 times and Circle of Excellence 11 times: 5 of which were over the $1,000,000 mark. She was the #3 Director at the Pearl Seminar 2000, #2 at the Pearl Seminar 2001, and a Top 10    in the Nation for 10 years! WOW!

  9. Some of the great prizes Mary Kay has awarded Monique are 11 Pink Cadillac’s in 22 years ($1400/mo cash compensation for the past 12 yrs), 3 – 5 kt. Diamond Rings, a 5 kt. Diamond Bracelet, a 2 kt. Diamond watch, 1 kt. Diamond earrings, a mink coat, Home Furnishings galore, and tons of cash… all valued at well over $50,000!

  10. Monique has won 28 sensational trips traveling to 34 countries: Bermuda, Germany, Austria, Greece, and Portugal. She has been to Spain, Paris, Italy and Hawaii three times, Switzerland, Alaska, Canada, Scotland & Ireland. As a National Sales Director, Monique has taken a Cruise along the Mediterranean from Rome and went on a Baltic Sea cruise to include Norway, Denmark & Russia. In addition, she has also been to Budapest, Wales, China, London, Argentina and a Cruise on the French Riviera. Every year the company sends her on an exotic, all expense paid trip with her husband!

  11. Monique’s highest check in one month was in excess of $34,000.  Monique has earned in excess of 5 million dollars in her Mary Kay career and is well on her way to 6 million.

  12. For six straight years, Monique was the #1 Director in Colorado.
  13. Monique has also built in Mary Kay Spain.

  14. Her MK sister NSD’s selected her to serve on the NSD Advisory board as one of 12 NSD’s to plan our company’s future in 2005 and 2006.  Also, the Mary Kay Corporation chose Monique to train internationally in the Czech Republic in 2003.

  15. One of her greatest honors is being nominated as a National “Miss Go Give” for the entire Pearl Seminar in 2001.

Monique has earned almost 6 MILLION in income

Designer and salesperson of communications systems

“Making Our Dreams Come True ”
(theme to Laverne and Shirley)

Began, October 1986; Independent Sales Director, June 1987; Independent National Sales Director, January 2002; Million-Dollar Sales Director five times; Annual Go-Give Award, 2001; Millionaires Club (has earned more than
$4 million in commissions during her Mary Kay career)

Motivated by:
Beating my personal best
My best asset:
My energy – I have tons of it.
Favorite vacation spot:
Antigua Island, West Indies

My Why – My Family